Berlin based and French born Jules Peter is boss, A&R, creative director … (you get the picture) of UNKNOWN PRECEPT. It is a vinyl and digital label, which provides aspiring artists with an experimental creative space with little to no constraints.



Your label is rather young — founded in 2013. What was is like in the very beginning and what made you decide to start a label of your own?

“I started working on Unknown Precept while I was still at school in Paris, studying Graphic Design and being very bored of what we were asked to do there. I came up with this idea without much thought to what it meant in terms of investment to create a label, but the word-of-mouth around the first release took care of it all. It took me some time however to follow up on what was more than a compilation but a label, with people and their expectations. What motivates me the most today is to have succeeded to focus entirely on highly talented people and yet little known or simply ignored here in Europe, while developing a strong label identity of its own.”



The releases on your label, while very different from another, have a similar feel to them. Do you get a lot of submissions you then select or do you approach fitting artists directly?

“I am getting a bunch of submissions but most of the time it is pretty bad, and as a matter of fact people do not even bother to listen to what you do before reaching out. I obviously dig around on the Internet to scoot new talents but there is a big part of randomness in the process, most of the time it is just people you meet trough friends or acquaintances. It is a small scene, meaning there is a big chance that everyone might already knows each other. There is of course a sound that interests me in connection with my own «listenner» background, but above all the best aspect of this is to be able to offer such a different panel through multiple outings.”


Are you directly involved in the making of EPs on your label, e.g. sitting in on studio sessions?

“Most of the musicians releasing on Unknown Precept are based in different cities all around the globe and produce music at home. I have my say so on what is being selected amongst what they share with me but I encourage every artist to submit what they actually want to release, not what people (or even myself) would like to hear. I make sure to be constantly surprised, this is essential to keep things moving the right way otherwise it is getting boring very quickly. When setting up a release, I usually know for sure where I am getting at but it must always end up as some sort of compromise, meaning we have reached the end of an idea or a concept.”


Lovechild of IXVLF and one half of UVB 76, namely Gaetan Bizien (a href=”http://www.mobikollektiv.com/uvb-76/”>looky, looky), is this beautiful yet disturbing music video. Did you have a hand in play in organising this?



“Gaëtan and I met by pure coincidence a few years back in Paris while we were engaged in the same studies. We became good friends since, as we share a lot of things in common musically or artistically speaking. As for the video itself, he made it without telling me after I sent him the tracks. Then he decided he would show it to me but nothing was planned really. Obviously, I liked it a lot and, hopefully, we will collaborate again in the near future. He is really talented.”


We assume that you get a lot of demos from up and coming musicians (obviously). Do you have any tips for those who plan on sending in a demo to you or labels in general?

“Well, I guess first of all one should check the kind of stuff I am (or someone else is) releasing. It is really tiring to get so-called «deep house» and «dubstep» tracks from people only looking to get their name out there by any means whatsoever. Besides that, select carefuly the people you share your music with and show some courtesy, also do not get mad if no one answers you. It often means that one is not interested so no need to insist over the months. There is very little chance one would change his mind if it was bad or simply off-topic. No need to send dozens of tracks as well, make choices. Above all, send good music, and I mean «good» music.”


Where do you see Unknown Precept in the future or what are your immediate plans?

“I have a couple of new vinyl releases coming out after the summer, the first one being the vinyl debut from the mighty IXVLF following his tape on the label, and there’s a new Maoupa Mazzocchetti EP on its way of which I am really proud of. There is also Air LQD’s vinyl debut which will be released before the end of the year, it is a total banger. Next in line shall remain secret until then… but more generally, I hope to be able to get more records out in the coming years and grow some of the collaborations I have already established with various artists on the label. There is an emotional side to this. Fortunately things are looking pretty good right now.”





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(All media courtesy of UNKNWON PRECEPT / Jules Peter.)