Berlin based Svenja Trierscheid has more strings to her bow than being a photo and video artist. After studying Intermedia Design in Trier, Germany – Svenja went on to learning everything about cameras and cutting while her time at a creative film studio.
Right now she is in the process of founding a studio of her own as part of a collective with collegues from Luxembourg.

“I came to Berlin for a job as a chef at ‘Sauvage’, but decided to stay after I’ve stopped working there.
I still write and photograph for paleo food websites sometimes. Apart from that my days working in the kitchen are over. Now I do freelance photo and video work and lots of editing.”




We know you shoot analogue film. Nostalgia of a nineties childhood or signature style?

“It’s definitely my signature style and preferred way of working. Shooting film, you focus more and cherish each photo individually. You don’t just take random pictures, because of the costly handling.
I also enjoy its aesthetics more – colour and contrast in particular. Waiting to see the photos for the first time is a nice experience, too.”




You seem to have a thing for portrait shootings. What do you aim for during these shootings? And what can you tell us about your recurring victims?

“I like how the innermost being of a person reflects in their face and countenance.
You can portray more than just the face if you know a little about someone and their life. Exploring faces and depicting people in different ways is very worthwhile to me.
That’s why I rather work with interesting people and friends of mine than with models. It has happened that I made new or better friends because of this.
With some I’ve worked more than once because I enjoy photo series of people, which were taken over a period of time. Especially seeing how changes in our relationship may be reflected in the portraits.
In fact, I am working on a very special portrait series right now – really looking forward to publishing it!”


The series called ‘The Morning After’ drew our attention. How come you were involved with this project and working with Davy Jones & Nia Forst?

“Davy, whom I’ve worked with before, had planned this shooting with another photographer. But when she was unavailable Davy approached me because everyone involved still wanted to make it happen, even though it was a TFP shooting.
I wanted to try more of a sensual and indirect approach. I kept it analogue and subdued without revealing too much. We are all liking it a lot, in fact it’s one of my favourites.”



Not only do you know how to handle a camera, but you know your way around a mixer. Is there anything you don’t do or are just one of those complete artworks?

“I did do some DJing, but now I only do mixtapes just for fun. And yes, I’m one of those complete artworks. Just kidding – I like to do a lot of different things. It keeps me excited for what’s to come.
My life tends to be very varied, which is very nice.”

Cloudy Shit by Svenjatrierscheid on Mixcloud

‘I love real food.: Einfach. Gesund. Lecker.’ written by Svenja Trierscheid. One may find this out of the ordinary. Please, enlighten us!

“That’s my first cookery book. There is a second in the series of ‘I love real food.’ There is also an article I wrote for Munchies by Vice.
I started writing the books back when I was studying because I discovered paleo and because I was bored, actually. So I did a lot of cooking and took pictures of it since I got into photography then. And one day I thought, you know, why not make a cookery book out of it.”




Check out more of Svenja’s work here: Homepage / Tumblr / Vimeo / Instagram

(All media with kind permission of Svenja Trierscheid.)