These happy fellas named Hannes (l.) & Johannes are also known as Papa Gallosch. In 2014 they met in Halle, Germany, found eachother to be “most fresh” and decided to start painting together.


If Papa Gallosch were an animal, which would that be?

“A sloth on a skate board.”


As we can see, you work as a duo. Is there some sort of role allocation, i. e. because of certain skill sets?

“Nope. Our styles were pretty similar to begin with and have adapted to one another. We both start sketching and then collate a joint draft. On the wall each of us works on what he feels like. Although we mind that everyone has worked on both ends to mix things up nice and well.”


Do you paint by draft or freestyle?

“Always by draft. We like to be well prepared and have an idea of what we want to bring on the wall. It takes way too long if you start making decisions too late. This makes buying and blending colours more efficient. Preliminary work has its boundaries of course. Sometimes it happens that we miscalculated the size of the wall or that certain surfaces won’t hold paint. In those cases we simply adjust and this makes the finished painting differ from the draft. Fortunately – otherwise it would get boring.”


Put very simply: Graffiti artists say street art has nothing to do with graffiti. Street artists say it’s all street art. In addition there are those who do both or come from one thing and ended up with the other. On top „mural“ establishes itself as a umbrella term for every kind of licit and illicit facade design. Do you pose yourself anywhere in this madness?

“Erm. No. Art on site or something like that. Dunno really, all these terms are so afflicted. What we do isn’t really graffiti. Street art maybe, or mural. Or just a fresh painting on a wall.”


We’ve met painters, illustrators and designers who broadened their creative horizons. Many began animating their work which opened doors especially to digital spheres (video art, GIF art and so on). Can you see yourself doing projects like that or are you even already in the process?

“Sure, that’s always interesting. Last year we worked together with a manufacturer of neon signboard and lighting suff at IBUg. He illuminated our painting with LEDs that changed colours, which emphasised colours on the wall or made them vanish. It almost seemed like some sort of animation was going on, which made us realise of exciting mapping and stuff can be for us. We definitely want to implement develop this in future.”




TBT school: „What is the author trying to convey?“ Crazy figurines, plants and animals that somehow coexist in your work are easily spotted. Do you just paint whatever comes to mind without trying to force some deep, profound, and philosophical meaning onto it? Or did we not pay enough attention?

“It has to be fun above all things. At Fokus Festival for example we were painting right next to a bus stop where a boy got off and yelled: „Cool! That penguin shoots lasers from his eyes!“ A little girl was like: „Daddy, why do they just paint nonsense?“ Mission accomplished :). For us it’s all about dynamics. About movement towards a direction inside the painting. Or about that moment of limbo right before impact. It’s also about interaction and things to be discovered. Everyone is entitled to one’s own interpretation.”


Last but not least: What have you planned for this summer? Are you already participating in any festivals and such?

“There a couple of things which aren’t confirmed, as of yet. But we will be at IBUg 2016 for sure – looking forward to that!”




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(All media courtesy of Papa Gallosch if not labeled otherwise.)