Coming from playing the guitar and the piano in different bands (e.g. ‘The Government Jazz Sister’, ‘The Diary of Thoughts Project’) Ben Haviour has now started a new musical discourse. This discourse with himself led him to electronic music and created the name.

“Recently I was considering to also create a DJ name for myself: ‘DJ Redoo’ (read it out quickly). Unfortunately, it was already taken.”



How come you are based in Weimar and not maybe Hamburg or Berlin like many other music producers are?

“Studying brought me to Weimar. I took interest in painting, illustration and Bauhaus – especially in Paul Klee (Link). Sound engineering and sound art I wanted to learn as well. All these fields including installation art are covered in my studies of Media Art and Design. Big cities aren’t that tempting to me, because I grew up in a village of 500 souls. You don’t come in contact with a lot of other artists which let’s you breathe. In a small community everyone knows their place and knows each other, which I like. Instead of being distracted by what people do left and right you focus more on what you are doing. I don’t want to declare this an absolute – it’s just my personal experience.”



We really like your latest EP. Please, tell us something about the process.

“’Over The Edge’ is rather a collection of tracks than the result of a consecutive process. I was trying out new techniques early last year and ended up with a variety of genres. I kind of see the tracks a foresight of which roads I may take in the future. Back then I was producing frantically, but also quickly; learning in the process.
Now I am more relaxed, especially with designing sound. Most times I know exactly what I want to go for and how to get there.”


What can you tell us about Big Bricks Music?

BBM has been around for pretty much a year now. I’ve been friends for years with most of our artists. Sascha (The Ambient Noise), Joachim (Joe Hawkim) and Christian (Herzen) I know since ‘00. We all went to school together and ended up in different bands. You could say we were Mittweida’s musical backbone. After graduation we were scatted all over Germany. Five years later I wanted to somehow reunite the gang and thus came the idea of founding a label. I then approached Sascha and Christian and we’ve been growing since then. We get a lot of help from friends, yet we still have headroom. It’s a small circle growing at its natural pace.”


This video allows a little peak into your musical forge. Which device do you power fist? And which ones after?

Jammin with Gregor #modular #experimental #music #verbos

Posted by Ben Haviour
on Dienstag, 7. Juli 2015


“Well… that gear isn’t mine, but this video shows a session I had with my friend Gregor at his place. I learned working with modular synthesizers there. We sometimes tweak sounds together which I arrange into a track. Going into more detail will probably go beyond the scope of this article.”


Among your latest posts we noticed a track called ‘Das Phänomen der Schönheit’. A preview of your next EP?

“’Das Phänomen der Schönheit’ is a track by my friend Christian aka ‘Herzen’ (Link?). Together we run a label called ‘Big Bricks Music’ (Link?). I think the track is brilliant. It’s a maelstrom you are really okay not escaping.”

Hear what Ben Haviour’s 2016 sounds like.

“I want to release a new EPs each quarter of this year. Along with my original mixes I want to have a remix by a different producer I know or am friends with. For that reason, I compiled a preview mix of tracks in progress. 2016 will be rough and gritty…”


Classic scenario: You decide to move onto a deserted island. Which three things do you bring along and why?

“I’d like to have typewriter on me just because I like the sound so much. Other than that just a ridiculous amount of tobacco and rum. Then I would just make it rain…”




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(All media with kind permission of Ben Haviour.)