Catchy, unique, mesmerising – that is what comes to our mind when we look at Ori Toor’s work. His style is a symbiosis of different textures and elements which qualify as a piece of art in themselves. We wanted to know more about the man behind the art – so we hit him up and probed his head a little.



Who is Ori Toor?

“I’m just a guy who likes to draw and experiment with frame by frame animation. I’ve been drawing since I was young.
My mom designed carpets for a living. That is why I spent a lot of my childhood in huge factories, around mountains of wool and rolled up carpets. I think this has influenced me immensely. I now live in Tel Aviv with my partner and I do all sorts of freelance work.”

Maybe this piece called “Mount. Leavemealone!” gives un an impression of what it was like for little Ori in his private amusement park.


Imagine you could build a house of your own howsoever and wherever you wanted. What will it look like?

“I could go on about my dream house for 10 pages! But I’ll try to keep it short. So my dream house is a tree house. A big-ass living room, everything made of wood. Lots of plants and a view of the ocean. There will be lots of cushions and soft fabrics, rugs and sofas – and there would be two cats if my partner wasn’t allergic. Also big round windows but no fluorescent lights. Just tiny colourful light bulbs everywhere.
So basically, a Caribbean version of Santa’s workshop?”



Some artists say they don’t care about how much or what kind of feedback they receive from beholders and other artists. According to them it’s all about living out their creativity and creating something aesthetic. What is important to you?

“The idea that nothing else matters but living out creativity is a wonderful idea. But I can’t really say I don’t care about feedback. I’m not creating in a vacuum and it’s important for me to know people value my work. I’m a bit like a junkie going through constant withdrawal. It’s also really important for me to keep making a living doing what I love. It’s extremely hard to maintain – a constant struggle. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I try to find a balance.”


Inspiration comes in countless ways. Some rather draw on certain events in the past others rather explore their phantasy. What nourishes your art?

“I’ve been asking myself that question everyday and the best answer I can come up with is: everything.
My work is mainly one stream of consciousness. I show up and work even when there’s no inspiration. I used to think that what inspired me is music but then I realized it’s not only one thing. I just do what I do (and most of the time I don’t know what I’m doing).”




What he does know is that his animated GIFs would “sound like anything by Bonobo and Mount Kimbie.” And we know what a music video created by Ori Toor looks like. Have a look and become enlightened.




Check out more of Ori’s work here: Homepage / Tumblr / Vimeo / Loopism

(All media with kind permission of Ori Toor.)