We hope Christopher Ledger somehow manages to evade this fact and thus endlessly continues to bring us music with his special feel. Somewhere between melancholia, drama and yearning Christopher’s tracks give us a silver lining of hope. His latest release was with RoundQubeMusik.



We have all shed more than one tear after Ned Stark’s death. But why give a musical obituary to a fictional character?

“I’m a big fan of movies and TV series. Both are a source of inspiration for my art. Being a musician, I’m very fascinated by how powerful soundtracks can be. While happening beneath the threshold of consciousness scores greatly enhance viewers’ experience. After watching the “Game Of Thrones” episode in which Ned is sentenced to death, I felt the need to express my feelings about what I had just seen with music. I can clearly remember having images of his deeds in my mind. So basically what I did was giving them a voice to be heard. Working on soundtracks for short films and independent movies is something I love to do apart from making club-oriented music. I currently study composition including music history as well as traits and characteristics of each individual orchestra element. I think that’s something I will focus on primarily for the next years.”



We know that you commute between Berlin and Rome. How does that affect your work and what does your production process look like in general?

“Because I travel a lot and and work in Berlin and Rome my works develop in different studios. I like the idea of approaching new projects with different gear I find on the road. And I am also very grateful to my friends and colleagues for hosting me in their studios and giving me the chance to experiment with new synths. I spent a lot of time exploring with sound and experimenting both with hardware and software synthesisers. I can say it really helped me learn to express myself with whatever instrument I have at my disposal. Another important thing other than routine and familiarity with synthesis and sound design is having good ideas basically. If I had to choose between a perfectly sounding record with no soul and a crappy sounding one with a great idea, soul and feel, I would probably always choose the latter. My main studio, which is a very personal and intimate place to me, is currently based near Rome. In there you can find a mixing desk in the centre with some drum machines and a couple of synths and FXs hooked up to it and, last but not the least, my PC in the corner.”


We find your collaboration with Sten Erland Hermundstad just outstanding. Please, tell us something about Sten and your collaboration.



“Sten Erland Hermundstad is a very talented musician and pianist currently based in Oslo. After hearing some of his material on SoundCloud I decided to drop him a few lines with my thoughts on his music. Since then we started to share and exchange ideas and opinions about our approach on music. We also discussed how important music is for us to express our inner selves. After long talks and after having realized we had a lot in common both as human beings and artists, we decided to work on a project. The result, which evolved very naturally, you can hear on my SoundCloud. I’m very happy to say that he finally seems to start getting the attention he deserves. He’s about to release some of his latest works very soon on some interesting labels, so keep an eye out for that and follow him on his social media.”


You have a release with Ada Kaleh. How come a Berlin based musician from Italy releases an EP with a Romanian label?

“In the middle of 2014 I was working on some Buchla sketches. As soon as I finished the final arrangement of the two most interesting ideas I decided to share them with the artists I was following at that moment. Iulian (Ada Kaleh) was one of them and as soon as he heard the tracks, he got back to me with some kind words. We started to get to know each other a bit more until he asked me to release on his label. I’m really happy to have met such a nice person and an amazingly talented and professional artist. I hope there will be a chance to work again with him in the future.”

What projects have you planned for 2016?

“I can tell you that I’m working on some new stuff with Soms, a very talented and passionate guy from Milan, for almost a year. You will hear more of that very soon. I’m currently collaborating with two great video artists as well. More details will follow soon.”




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(All media courtesy of Christopher Ledger.)