There is no short and concise answer to where RINZ is from. He was born in Houston, Texas, grew up in placid Potsdam, Germany, was a trainee at Chung King Studios in Manhattan, and now continues his study of Audio Technology in Amsterdam.




He is a musician, freelance audio engineer and producer. An all-round Hip Hop and Electronic music talent who on occasion works on Rock, Acoustic and Score projects. Biking comes second to music (BTW: He is saving up on an old Gazelle bike. Holla at him!).


There are many kinds of artists out there. Some are very dedicated and eager to making money with their art. Others don’t bother and simply work their creativity. How about you?

“I would love it if I made a living with my commitment to music. However, it’s not easy to earn quickly in the music business. Right now I work a lot with other artists helping them mix, master and at times produce their music. Artists from all over the world, actually – from Europe, the US, Australia to Africa. For my personal music I would consider myself eager with a too high sense of precision. I struggle finishing my own songs and projects more often than I want; perfectionism, I guess. My new management strategy is to set personal deadlines, even if that means finishing something that doesn’t seem perfect to me, yet. Finished projects help you improve, though.””


While listening to your EP ‘The Journey’ we noticed it was influenced by different genres. Primarily hip hop and dubstep. Have we missed anything?



“Hip hop and dubstep inspire me a lot. I personally love listening to hip hop. But these aren’t the only genres that I draw inspiration from. I enjoy glitch (or ‘future bass’) as much as jazz, which I study whenever I have the time. It fascinates me a lot. Duke Jordan’s ‘Flight to Denmark’, for example, I have on repeat.”


Does the title ‘The Journey’ come with a deeper meaning?

“Yes. ‘The Journey’ represents my time in New York. I have produced every track of this EP there.
My year and a half living in
New York was basically a long trip through a city I didn’t know the least bit of. There were new and different experiences every day, all of which I try to process with this EP. Listening to it takes me back to certain moments. It’s like reading a diary. I remember producing ‘The City’ after a long day of being angry at the city. Moving isn’t particularly easy, especially when you move to a cultural center. On the other hand, I find New York to be fascinating and inspiring. Both, fascination and anger have shaped this song”

Who are Laura Lacy, Chelsea Sahleen and MrWill?

“Laura Lacy, Chelsea Sahleen and MrWill are very talented friends I made back in New York. Laura, who I went to school with, sings and plays the guitar – usually folk music. Chelsea, who is from Colorado, is a great singer and a friend of mine from school as well. We spent a lot of time together making music. My roommate introduced me to my friend MrWill. He’s from New Jersey and has studied music. One of the best rappers I have worked with so far. You should check out all of them. Great artists.”

Can we expect new music by you in near future?

“For sure! I’m planning on releasing a couple of singles next. But the idea of an album or EP is definitely there. My collaborations with other artists will be released regularly soon – on my website, too. Stay tuned in for some new Music!”




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(All media with kind permission of RINZ.)